Wolt Courier Partner info



This virtual introduction will teach you how to become the best Wolt Courier Partner out there. After you master everything in this intro, you should be ready to start earning money as soon as today!

After reading through this manual, you should know the following things:

  • What is Wolt?
  • How to get started
  • Earnings model
  • Smartphone applications meant for Wolt couriers partners
  • How to use the gear you receive from Wolt and what you’ll have to get yourself
  • Appearance according to Wolt standards and personal hygiene
  • Delivering with Wolt
  • How to communicate with Wolt as a courier partner
  • How to react in problem cases
  • Things you should never do as a courier partner

What is wolt?

Wolt – the mobile interface for getting great food

  • People love eating; each of us eat – two to five times a day.
  • Wolt is the world’s most advanced mobile interface for getting great food with the push of a button.
  • Wolt combines a clean, smooth app with a word-class food delivery service. 
    It lets users order their meal to be delivered, have it as takeaway or to be eaten at the restaurant.
  • Food is an experience. Wolt guarantees it's an excellent one – starting from the moment the user picks a restaurant and builds their order to getting it delivered to their location. As reliably and fast as possible.
  • In 1–2 years, the home screens of our smart devices have one icon for getting food.
    Wolt is going to be that icon.
  • As Wolt is the world’s most advanced mobile interface for getting great food, courier partners working with us need to be the best as well. That’s why we want you to join us.
  • As Wolt is the world’s most advanced mobile interface for getting great food, courier partners working with us need to be the best as well. That’s why we want you to join us.

How to get started

Anybody can sign up to deliver with Wolt, although there are a few requirements.

- You'll need a car 🚗, scooter 🛵or bicycle 🚴
- You'll need to pass the Wolt Courier Partner Test
- Be at least 16 years of age
- Have a Latvian taxpayer number - either as self-employed or through a company
- Have a smartphone, with a data plan 📱

Required documents:
- passport or EU national ID,
- for non-residents and non-EU citizens a residence permit with an allowance of at least 20 hours of work per week

While you can arrange the self-employed status online as well we strongly recommend to personally go to VID (the Latvian tax office) at Talejas iela 1, Rīga, LV-1978 and start the process there as this will significantly reduce the waiting time to obtain your status!

That's all you need. Required documents take less than 10 minutes to acquire and by following the guides, you should be ready to deliver with Wolt in no time!

You will only need these documents to upload in the final sign up form. You will receive the final sign up form after the Partner Introduction.

Earnings model

Partnering with Wolt gives you the chance to work as - and when - you want to

With Wolt you get to decide your own hours. You simply book your scheduled hours that match your own weekly schedule, or you can work simply when you want. It’s flexible, increases your independence and can boost your income quickly.

The more your ride, the better you'll get to know the city. After the first month you'll surely know all the shortcuts in almost all areas and make your way around the city even faster than any map application can direct you.

Once you’re accepted as a Wolt Courier, you can start booking shifts, start delivering and earning money. 💰

Payment model Q&A

"How often will I get paid?"
Courier Partners are paid bi-monthly, meaning that deliveries made during 1st to 15th are paid to you no later than the 25th. Deliveries made during 16th to end of the month are paid no later than the 10th.

"How much can I earn?"
It really depends on how much you will work... as an indication, our very best performing couriers, when working approx 40 hours a week, get around 500 EUR per week, before tax.

”Do I get flexibility about when and how much I work?”
Absolutely! You and Wolt - we are partners. It is always good to let know to your partner when you will be available. The best way to do this is to book scheduled hours. Then we will know when you are planning to work. Scheduled hours are published every week on Thursday for the next week.

"I want to be able to drive last minute / change my hours / drive anytime without pre-booked hours. Is that possible?”
Yes! You always can ask support to cancel your booked hours but it would be great to do as early as possible then your teammates can take your block.

”Will I earn more per hour if I do more deliveries?”
Of course. Being fast is important, but you always must follow traffic safety rules and be very polite on the road towards others.

”I want to be paid more if I do longer deliveries”. Your payment model includes distance fee as well that covers long distances.

When and where I should come to do deliveries?


The picture below illustrates the busiest hours during the week. As you can see, we need you the most from Fridays to Sundays. Same time every weekday have some peak times: lunch for sure and definitely dinner time which is bit changing in accordance to the season.
So the best times to earn are:
- during peak times: 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-22:00
- weekends, starting from Friday evening, throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile you can choose any time Wolt is open - there always are orders.

Remember also this one rule of thumb: if the weather outside is not great - customer place even more orders!


  • Below is a heat map of Riga city centre area.
  • The lightest areas indicate the most popular locations for picking up orders.
  • The areas indicated by light are areas where you should start when you go online, and where you should return when you drop off a delivery somewhere else.
  • Returning back to these areas means shorter pick up times, quicker task completions, and more deliveries done.
  • Whenever the city gets busy with lots of order we will let You know through the Wolt Courier Partner app. When a push message comes from us - come and join the fun. Rest assured, there is enough work for everyone!


As a Wolt Courier Partner you will need to learn how to use ONE smart phone applications. Mastering this app is critical and will ultimately lead you to being more efficient and therefore allow you to earn more.

Wolt Customer App

Wolt - Exploring food
Please register first with the Wolt User app. This is the app with which you can order food from Wolt. The app will also create your user profile with which you will be able to register with the Wolt Courier Partner App. Make sure to use exactly the same login information when creating your account in both Apps.

Download the Wolt app here.

Wolt Partner App

Wolt Partner App is our handcrafted beautiful App for receiving, accepting and completing delivery tasks. Wolt Partner App also supports live chat with Wolt Support. When you’re ready to deliver with Wolt, you can switch yourself online as soon as you want and you will automatically start receiving delivery tasks through the app.

Download the partner app here:


How to use the gear you receive from Wolt and what you’ll have to get yourself

One of the most important aspects of being a Wolt Courier Partner is getting the food from the restaurant to the customer, so that the temperature and the packing of the food is the same as it leaves from the restaurant. 

Once accepted as a Wolt partner you will receive gear that you will use to deliver orders, mainly food. The importance of knowing how the gear works will ultimately determine the rating that the customer will give you.

After you’re accepted as a Wolt Courier Partner, you will receive:

  1. A heating bag for warm food & Cool bag for cold foof(for car couriers)
  2. A Biker food delivery bag (for bike & motor bike couriers)
  3. Wolt clothing

You will use the heating and cooler bag for:

  1. Always take the heating or cooler bag with you to the restaurant and the customer when picking up and dropping off orders
  2. Pack warm food to the heating bag
  3. Pack cold food to the cooler bag
  4. Do not mix hot food with cold items. Meaning that don’t put cold drinks with the warm food
  5. Treat every order like it’s your baby
  6. Pack and carry the orders carefully, just like it was your own

If you remember these points, you will do just fine when delivering with Wolt!

There are a few things that you will need to acquire yourself which are:

Cars 🚗

  • A charger cable for your smartphone or a powerbank
    (So your battery doesn’t die while you’re making deliveries)
  • USB-adapter 
    (To plug your phone charger in)
  • Phone holder 
    (To ensure safety on the road)

Two-wheelers 🛵🚴

  • Waterproof wrist phoneholder 
    (To ensure you can also deliver even if it rains!)
  • Powebank 
    (To ensure your battery doesn’t die!)
  • Helmet 
    (To ensure safety!)

To summarise:

Before going online, always make sure that you have the gear ready:

  • Phone charger, so your battery doesn’t die
  • Heating and cooler bag to keep the food temperature and packaging perfect
  • Wolt clothing on so that the restaurants and customers recognize you

Wolt and Courier Partners are a team and a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Small problems cause chain reactions which will affect other partners as well, so make sure you know how to use the equipment and that you’re not the weakest link!

Appearance and personal hygiene

Wolt standards

We want every Wolt courier partner to be proud of being a part of Wolt.
Wolt most definitely is proud of the courier partners we have.
Therefore we all should expect professional appearance and hygiene when representing Wolt. Restaurant staff, customers and people around the city see you as representing Wolt, so remember to dress accordingly.

- Wolt clothing
- Presentable pants
- Good hygiene

- Baggy sweatpants
- Sandals or flipflops
- Shirts without sleeves
- Anything displaying political or religious messages


Delivering with Wolt

Now that you know what applications to use, what gear you need and how to use them, and how to look when representing Wolt, it’s time to walk you through one delivery. Remember that before going online you need to make sure that:

1. Your appearance is according to Wolt standards
2. You have all the gear and full battery in your phone
3. You’re inside the delivery area illustrated below

A good rule of thumb is to remember that one delivery consists of three parts:
1. Receiving and accepting a delivery task
2. Picking up the order from the restaurant
3. Dropping off the order to the customer

How to communicate with Wolt as a courier Partner

Communication is the key link to success between Wolt and its courier partners. If we can’t communicate together, delivering with Wolt will be impossible. Therefore, we’ll go through clear communication guidelines to ensure that you know the pillars in communication.

There are three ways for you to communicate with Wolt, which are:

  1. Live chat
  2. Calling
  3. Email

Live Chat (Within Wolt Partner App)

Is meant for only live delivery matters. Live delivery matters might be for example:

  • A restaurant is late e.g. XYZ Pizza is late 10 minutes
  • I can’t reach the customer e.g. I cannot reach the customer even though I have called several times
  • Food is spilled and cannot be delivered e.g. I accidentally dropped the order and it cannot be delivered


Calling Wolt Support is meant only for urgent problems such as:

  • You were in an accident and not able to continue
  • You’re lost and cannot find the pick up or drop off address


Is meant for non-urgent matters meaning that whenever you’re not online making deliveries, your primary way of contacting Wolt is by email. You can email us about anything e.g. payments or contract related questions.

Make sure you read your own email as you will receive weekly newsletters and pay slips in the email you inform us!

There are also office walk-in hours, meaning that you can simply walk into our office and come chat with us!

how to react in problem cases

Delivering orders can be very hectic and we all make mistakes. We’re humans and we learn from them, so don’t worry when you make your first mistake. As long as you know how to react when something goes wrong and you learn from mistakes, you’ll do just fine.

Now as there are four moving parts in a delivery; The courier partner, the customer, the restaurant and Wolt – it’s not necessarily your fault if a mistake happens. But it’s ultimately up to you how the mistake is fixed. Below you can see a list of most common problems our courier partners face. 

Customer notices that something is missing from the order

How to react: Be polite and apologize for the inconvenience to the customer. Tell the customer politely that they can reach Wolt Customer Service through the Wolt application and everything will be fixed there.

Customer does not accept to take the order from me

How to react: Be polite and apologize for the inconvenience to the customer. Remember to never get into an argument with the customer. Be humble and tell the customer politely that they can reach Wolt Customer Service through the Wolt application and everything will be fixed there.

The food is spilled all over my car or heating/cooler bag

How to react: Contact Wolt Support immediately. Do not deliver any orders if the packing has failed. It doesn’t matter if it was the restaurants or your fault – we never deliver orders with broken packing due to hygiene reasons.

I am lost and I cannot find the restaurant or the customer

How to react: The longer you wonder around the colder the food gets. Therefore the first thing you want to do is to check your location from navigation app. Are you near the correct location? Check the special instructions in the task as well. If you still can't find the correct location, contact Wolt Support.

I got into an accident

How to react: Depending on the seriousness of the accident, call the emergency center and then if possible Wolt Support.

I got a task and I’m already late from the pick up

How to react: Accept the task and head to the restaurant asap!

The restaurant is late and I have to wait for the order

How to react: Be polite and wait. Sometimes restaurants are late and that is life. Never ever get into an argument with the restaurant. Wolt measures restaurant preparation times and we do everything in our power to reduce your waiting time.

I got a parking ticket

How to react: Send us an email and you will receive a reclamation template that you can use. If the reclamation is revoked, contact us again and explain what happened. We will review parking tickets case by case.

I cannot reach the customer/not picking up the phone

How to react: Contact Wolt Support immediately and we’ll send an in-app message to the customer. In-app message means that our Support sends a message to the customer inside the Wolt application. If you cannot reach the customer after 15 minutes of waiting, you can continue to the next task.

Customer typed the wrong address

How to react: Stay calm and do not get into an argument with the customer. Simply navigate to the correct address and let Wolt Support know and we’ll make sure you will be compensated for the actual distance.

Customer did not leave special instructions for door code or apartment number

How to react: Check the address details carefully and if you notice that there is clearly information missing, call the customer to ask more specific instructions.

Five star tips


  • Make sure you wear Wolt gear before going online
  • Show your team spirit and go online not later than your booked hours start
  • Position yourself around areas with popular restaurants
  • Be motivated to work hard and care about making people happy
  • Have a positive attitude and smile a lot
  • Speak Latvian when meeting and greeting customers
  • Master Wolt Partner App as it’s your most important tool
  • Always use your heating and cooler bag
  • Pack orders very carefully, just like it was yours
  • Triple check orders at the restaurant and compare what is shown in your app with what you are given by the restaurant
  • Never get into an argument with a customer or restaurant staff
  • Always read delivery comments from customers - door codes and other useful info is often provided by the customers through the app ;-)
  • Plan ahead and communicate: report any problems you encounter to our Support
  • Be pro-active and learn city streets and restaurant locations
  • Stay focused throughout the day, follow traffic rules and don't jeopardize safety!

Things you should never do as a courier PARTNER

There are certain things that you should never do as a Wolt courier partner. The list below will in most cases lead to the termination of contract between the courier partner and Wolt.

  • Violating customer privacy
    Examples of violating customer privacy:
    - Entering customers apartment without permission.
    - Asking a customer or restaurant staff out for a date.
    - Calling or sending text messages to customers after completing the delivery.
    - Stalking customers or restaurant staff.
  • Using customers contact details for anything else except completing a delivery
    - It is strictly prohibited to contact any customer at any point after completing the delivery.
  • Storing customers contact details
    - It is strictly prohibited to store any phone numbers, names or addresses after completing the delivery.
  • Picking up or dropping off orders without the heating or cooler bag
  • Being rude to customers or restaurant staff
  • Getting into an argument with customers or restaurant staff
  • Carrying pizza vertically
  • Talking on the phone while picking up or dropping off orders
  • Constantly missing items from orders
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol with Wolt gear on
  • Smoking in the car while making deliveries
  • Do not eat orders that you’re picking up, we will find out!

What's next?

If you have any questions, let us know at partnerslatvia@wolt.com

If you like what you read and want to join one of our orientation sessions, please arrange your self-employed status or company registration and fill in the following https://wolt.typeform.com/to/Ax4Kvk form. See you soon!