Not all heroes wear capes.

Wolt is your one icon for everything food. We offer flexible courier work to anyone with a bike, scooter or a car. You decide how much you earn by working when you want. More than 600 people are already doing it.

Be your own boss.

Work when YOU want to.

  1. Schedules change. As a Wolt courier you get to choose when you are available and when not. The deal is extremely flexible.
  2. Work a couple of hours during the lunch or dinner rush, do something else with rest of your time. Or work a longer shift. Simply plan your schedule around your life.
  3. Be yourself, meet new people every day and make your customers happy. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Great money.

Base pay + commision + bonuses!

  1. Our busy hours are evenings, especially Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. That's when we need you most and pay you more.
  2. You are not handling cash or cards, you simply deliver food to customers' homes and offices. When you get tips, you keep 100% of them!
  3. The heated bags and thermo boxes we use are top-notch. In order for you to do your best, you need the best gear. We provide it.

Wolt Couriers: “Amazing”

Join the Wolt crew – the best work atmosphere ever!

“Working at Wolt has given me the chance to see how work can be pleasant and efficient at the same time. All the members of the company together make up a compelling community where everything works!”
Tani Vanhanen, Wolt Courier
”The Wolt community has a positive energy which motivates me to do things properly. An important factor has been the encouraging environment, where mistakes lead to learning instead of punishment. The positivity of the customers as well as the restaurants’ staff makes the job even more enjoyable.”
Patrik Yli-Kujala, Wolt Courier
"Everyone who works in Wolt’s Operations Lead roles have started out as couriers. In order to understand the core of our operations, you need to be the best courier out there. That’s why everyone has a chance to move up the ladder, but only if you have a get sh*t done attitude and motivation to change the world."
Tony Honkanen, Field Operations Lead, Helsinki